It’s going to be a journey where the visitors can appreciate classic and abstract antiquities, not to mention the Art NouveauDecoMid Century Modern and all of the great artwork from 1970’s all the way to the 90’s. From classic designs of the 20th-century master artist to the innovative artwork of today’s young artists, the visitors will leave The Salon Art+ Design with a full and rich experience.

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Salon Art + Design NYC 2017

Art and design professionals, curious and enthusiasts will get to know 56 galleries from eleven different countries, integrating a vast selection of European, American and Chinese art!

Maison Gerard (New York) in The Salon Art + Design 2017

As you can see the Salon welcomes every master artist or designer of the world. The quality of the art galleries and the diversity of decorative arts were the main factors that contributed to the success of this showcase. It’s a place where you can find a creation that suits in any taste!

David Gill Gallery (London) in The Salon Art+Design 2017

In this year edition, you’ll find the work of renowned artists and art galleries like AmmannGalerie BSLFriedman BendaGallery FUMIGarrido GalleryDavid Gill GalleryCristina Grajales GalleryGalerie Kreo, J. Lohmann Gallery, as well as, Lost City ArtsModernityNilufar GalleryTwenty First Gallery and Wexler Gallery.

Twenty First Gallery – Fauteuil Maxou ©The Salon Art + Design 2018

A list full of excellence in the combination of art and design! These amazing exhibitors where carefully chosen, by the event’s organization team, for their detailed and creative way of presenting their bespoke masterpieces (which reflect the trends in the international culture of living).

Modernity Gallery – Behive Lamp ©The Salon Art + Design 2018

The grand opening is right outside the door, since its stars on November 8 and runs until November 12! For all the design lovers that are staying in New York, or actually live there, don’t miss this opportunity to visit this incredible event!

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