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Shop optimizes floor space by turning fitting rooms into hallways

fitting rooms

As we said before some parts of the world are always one step ahead so today we bring you a shop that optimizes floor space by turning fitting rooms into hallways.

Instead of a dedicated fitting room area, usually located off to a corner of the retail floorplan, Daylab Studio turned the fitting booths into hallways by using an everyday mechanism most of us are already acquainted with: the OCUPPIED/PASS button from public transportation toilets.

Exclusive Mirrors For Your Home Decor fitting rooms

Instead, the designers decided to move the booths to the middle of the shop, using a row of seven cylinders that separate the home accessories section in the front from the clothing section in the back.

Due to the shape of the fitting-room unit, a single movement of the curtain opens the front and rear door hole at the same time, while simultaneously activating an infrared device that turns the indicator light on or off.

fitting rooms

Do you want to know an interesting thing? there’s a reason why the client needed more display space than storage or fitting rooms. ‘Because of [its click-and-mortar nature], the display quantity of each item was less important, since it could be shown online,’ explained team member Yongpeng Liu.

fitting rooms


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