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Simoul Alva Graphic Design and Art Director

Simoul Alva


Simoul Alva is a Graphic Design and an Art Director of Mumbai, India. One day she put her newly-learned drawing skills to good use, she graffitied her parents’ freshly wallpapered living room.

Simoul Alva 

Dining Tables GIF Boca do Lobo

Simoul Alva

With help and encouragement from her art teacher, Simoul left home to study graphic design at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad where she’ll soon graduate.

Simoul Alva Simoul Alva  Simoul Alva Simoul Alva 

Most recently, she completed a coveted internship at Pentagram in New York as part of Michael Bierut’s team. “It was really inspiring to go to work every day and see the scale and intensity of how everyone worked,” she says.

“Be as open as you can be to possibilities and responsibilities.”

Simoul Alva Simoul Alva 

Her varied portfolio is proof; it spans packaging design, editorial layout, typography, and illustration. Her experiments in 3Dexplore texture and form in abstract compositions of colorful, shiny chrome and glass objects which float around one another.

With the several contests that she participated, she had to learn how to develop packaging, identity editorial, and web design projects was a matter of hours. As you can see by the images above she’s very talented.

Simoul Alva

BRABBU-rugs-banner Simoul Alva 

“It’s important to realize that some people may find great merit in your work and some may not.” – Simoul Alva

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