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The simple lines of Sabine Marcelis Home

Driven by the unexpected, and collecting moments through material and shapes. Meet Sabine Marcelis a Dutch designer based in Rotterdam. After graduating, Marcelis began working as an independent designer. Developing product, installation, and spatial design with a strong focus on materiality.

How can we describe her work in simple words?
Feminine industrial. And the best example is to show you her own house.

The converted old paper factory is now her home. With a renovated paper plant that reflects her personality, elegance, and avant-garde creativity. All illustrating her love for translucency and material transformations.

Easy to see that is a cold place at the base, but the designer goes around and makes the space somehow cozy by decorating it with her own works and matching it with unique examples of others like her. The open space of 120 square meters is full of sunlight. Light among other natural elements characterizes Marcelis’s work, therefore it is not surprising the designer describes this outdoor area as one of her favorite spots.

Sun rays and light reflections created through material experimentations and neon light have defined Marcelis works.
Translucent resin, marble, acrylic, and others make her work unique and sensorial. Every angle of the light is a unique visual experience.

Sabine recently won the prestigious Wallpaper awards ‘ Designer of the year 2020’, the Design Prize 2019 in the ‘Newcomer of the year category, The Elle Deco International Design award 2019 ‘Young designer of the year’ and ‘GQ Men of the year 2019’ International Artist of the year.

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