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Siskin * visual branding

Siskin * visual branding siskin

Matthew Daniel Siskin, the King of visual branding

“Weird creative director who gets Involved in lots of different things” is the characterization that Matthew Daniel Siskin that gives of himself.

A master web designer, someone who loves what he does and who built his successful career with no intentions of becoming a serious business. It started as a hobby for him to earn some money for his stuff. He did web design because it gave him pleasure, not want to have a serious profession, he said.

Yeah, life is ironic. Some go fighting to have successful careers and others cannot even dream of it, have it. Matthew Daniel Siskin is a living example of that.

With his business partner Kyle Camping, founded the company Designedmemories. A successful company with an unique a portfolio of original works for well known brand names of various fields of culture, from fashion to music. The Row , Mary Kate and Ashley and Beyonce are some of the famous who use the services of this company to improve its branding.


Siskin * visual branding beyonce website


Siskin does what he believes and loves. States that there are trends in web design but says he doen’t feel obligated to follow them because in the online world everything is possible. The question is “what is not possible?”. But there is a tendency that he takes very seriously and is precisely why believe it, that follows. The visual empire …

According Siskin, today is the rare person who loses time reading texts, what matters is the visual part of the brands not the bio page. Simply go through their site to see just that: your website is a pure visual world and appealing. Almost we are obliged to click on what it is totally well done. It’s engaging.

Siskin is an example of a guardian of the visual world and the brands. Someone for whom money is secondary, first is the pleasure in what you do.

We all should follow his maxim: “Am I going to enjoy doing this for the next six months?”.

see the video.

Siskin * visual branding pinit fg en rect red 28

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