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The Smiles and Lines of Lewis Osborne

Lewis Osborne is the artist beyond the fun animated forms that are popping on social media. Images, small videos, or Gifs, all reflect Lewis’s mind and vibes. Vibrating joy and moods, daily or actual moments, always full of colors and great outlines. There are normally human faces jumping and coming up in cigarettes or stamped by industrial machines. They are fun and charismatic.

Lewis is a Bristol-based graphic designer and illustrator.
His style is a balance of grace and playfulness; using geometric shapes, clean linework, and a rich color palette to create texturally, and quite often surreal images. Working in the commercial design world and on self-motivated personal work, Lewis’ style is versatile by nature, moving fluidly from witty character animations to ornate letter design – but always with a distinctive personality and a skilled eye for composition and form.

The journey into the design world started when he was about 15. Browsing on YouTube he stumbled upon a Photoshop tutorial. There was the beginning of everything. He downloaded Photoshop, designed a YouTube background, and from then he knew he wanted to pursue design as a career.

Alongside design, Lewis Osborne always had a passion for illustration. He is often incorporating illustration into his graphic design work.
Count with more than 11k followers in his Instagram account, Lewis says that only uses social media to “make things fun”.

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