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Snøhetta and DIALOG’s Calgary Central Library

Calgary Central Library

The creators want a library that Calgary Central Library was absolutely intuitive, one where you could understand its entire floorplan as soon as you walked in the door.

The library’s long and interesting curving form may never have happened if it weren’t for one of the project’s major constraints, however: having to incorporate a light rail transit line on the site and provide access between the city’s downtown and the burgeoning new East Village neighbourhood beyond.

Calgary Central Library The form of the double-curved timber-lined shell references the unusual Chinook cloud formations common to this part of Canada explains Dykers: ‘They are gigantic, it’s as if the gods had created magnificent arches of clouds that go hundreds of miles in every direction.’

Inside is characterised by hexagonal interlocking patterns on the windows and walls that signify community, but also bring to mind snow and ice flakes. The facades are composed of alternating panels of fritted glass and iridescent aluminium that allowed the architects to reduce the amount of glazing (and therefore cooling costs) of the building and enhance its sustainability.

Calgary Central Library

With the increase of tourism, residential development nearby and businesses moving into the area as a result, it will have beneficial knock-on effects for the local economy too. Calgary’s new central library is a civic building that manages to combine functionality, beauty and ambition; once inside you cannot help but feel uplifted.

Calgary Central Library

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