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Soft-Geometry Studio – The senses and tradition

Utharaa Zacharias and Palaash Chaudhary both born in India, have a special taste for the senses. The duo behind Soft-Geometry Studio, are transporting us for their special way of appreciation for the tenderness.


“Unfortunately, like most people in India, we didn’t see how poetic this life and object culture was until we left it. ” –  UTHARAA ZACHARIA

Soft-geometry is an Indian design studio creating impressive furniture and home objects around a central theme of softness. With a touch of the diverse culture and craft traditions of India, their objects are mostly hand-made. Bridging traditional and modern ways. The designers explained how also their relationship and soft personalities inspired them to start the project and reflect on their work.

Now based on California, Utharaa and Palaash on their website www.soft-geometry.com explained what softness means to them. From the materials to associations as colors, light, or sounds, there are incredible ways of feeling it  – “More interestingly still, softness can be abstract – it is malleability, a willingness to learn or change, fluidity, humility, empathy, slowness, childlike innocence or imperfection.”

In the middle of chairs, candles, and tables we spotted our favorite.
A center table donut-shaped. Unique, cute, and zero waste.
The donut table is made of wood, is a dense swirl of solid oak, rich with varying grain and gradient in a soft finish. Topped with a round glass top, the donut functions as an ideal coffee, cocktail, or conversation table, though also available on request without the glass top, for those who cannot resist running their hands all over its curved facade or want to settle into the rather inviting center.

table, soft, art, geometry

donut table, soft geometry

fluffy chair, wool


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