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Spirit of the City – Installation by the United Visual Artists

United Visual Artists

Spirit of the city is an installation by British studio United Visual Artists that “explores the physical and emotional response that individuals experience when navigating urban environments”.

United Visual Artists

The installation is a modular system,  a set of gold-mirrored columns in a courtyard in Brooklyn, which spin around to reflect light patterns, visitors, and the surrounding brick walls.

United Visual Artists

Through the rotation of the columns, the motion of a place like New York, they can reflect light, cast different shadows, this reflection is enacted by the golden installation constantly transforming the space that surrounds this poetic installation.

United Visual Artists

It’s location is appropriate for such an innovative piece of art: A/D/O, courtyard ‘Spirit of the City’  was a warehouse until New York studio Architects reimagined it as a creative hub, restaurant and start-up incubator for MINI.

Visitors are invited to walk between the mirrored columns that rotate challenging the visitor perception of the space. Moving through the installation is meant to be mesmerising and disorientating – ultimately, the piece alludes to the mutual influence between people and the cities they live in.

‘Spirit of the City’ was unveiled to correspond with the annual NYCxDesign Festival, and is on display at A/D/O until the second of September 2018.

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