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Super Thin Lamp * Foscarini

Super Thin Lamp * Foscarini

A Super Thin Lamp Foscarini – a lamp that translates into the best product design has to offer, this piece is a product made with a touch of Italy called Aplomb Large.

Design gallerist will show you how this lamp is so strong to decorate the spaces making them special.

We are used to seeing amazing lamps with bold and courageous illumination. Well, sometimes we need something different and that’s what (name) accustom us to see. We are privileged to see this kind of product design, with soft lines and finesse and it almost makes us feel like it’s not different.

Each pendant is outfitted with a LED light source that produces a wide beam of illumination onto the surface below.

The brand has a lot of great features and you can see that rest of their line here.

A concrete texture is a plus, fulfilling an extraordinary example of product design and mesmerizing ambients.

See more about contemporary design here.

The highly experienced artisans are able to create the lamp’s incredibly slim form while also achieving that concrete texture that we come to expect and enjoy from concrete products.

The brand is an Italian decorative lighting design company boasting an innovative collection of over 60 models, more than 20 materials and 30+ designers. Their products emotionally personalize any living environment, public or private.

See also Sculptural Lighting Plays with Perception by Morgane Tschiember.

DESIGN GALLERIST will continue to give you fantastic news on the art and design world. We like, as much as you, to read all about the newest design ideas, the latest project, the best designers and so on.

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Tech Startup Offices at Historic Bank in Montreal * Henri Cleinge

Interior Design by Natasha Baradaran

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