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Surreal Identities with Full Irony * Guda Koster


Creating living sculptures and performances, the Dutch artist Guda Koster experiments a particular type of art with textures, colors and patterns in the way to create surreal images. Full of irony, criticism and a sense of mystery, the artist makes the viewer wants to know more.

Design Gallerist decided to share with you some images about this concept by Guda Koster.

Surreal Identities with Full Irony * Guda Koster

Surreal Identities with Full Irony * Guda Koster

Clothing takes an important role in the picture and conveys a message. It can be seen as a visual art form that expresses the way we see ourselves and our relationship with the world around us. Daily life, identity and transforming the human body are important themes in Koster’s work.

Surreal Identities with Full Irony * Guda KosterSurreal Identities with Full Irony * Guda Koster

In these photographs, she is often ‘invisibly’ playing the leading role, dressed in self-made outfits, often photographed against a patterned background. With a lot of humor, it still is looking professional and serious.

Surreal Identities with Full Irony * Guda Koster Surreal Identities with Full Irony

Guda Koster’s interest in fashion, interior design, architecture, and theater are evident in her works.

Surreal Identities with Full Irony

Inspired by daily life, but exaggerating it or giving it a humorous twist, Koster focus too in social real problems. In 2010 in a Flowermarch, young people from Almere held a colorful demonstration against the Party for Freedom. In this work called Guardians, they were dressed in uniforms with floral motif, designed by her.Surreal Identities with Full IronySurreal Identities with Full Irony

We can see the photographs as little stories. In the work Twins the pattern of the fabric is transformed into the windows of a skyscraper and in the work Snowwhite, a furry coat is turned into an animal.

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