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The Indefinite Vases by Studio E. O.

The Indefinite Vases by Studio E. O.

Design Gallerist presents Indefinite Vases the small sculptures used as receptacles for cut flowers and among other things.

The Indefinite Vases by Studio E. O.

In the case of the Indefinite Vases made of glass and natural stone by Erik Olovsson of Studio E.O. the differences are numerous: glass can be shaped and flows, whereas stone is hard and rigid. Glass in the objects appears in organic shapes, whereas stone follows fixed geometric forms. Glass is usually translucent whereas stone is opaque.

The Indefinite Vases by Studio E. O.

At the time of production, a limited number of vases were made available through Galerie kreo, and you can see many more photos on Studio E.O’s.

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The Indefinite Vases by Studio E. O.

The Indefinite Vases by Studio E. O.

“Note that small differentiations in size and color may occur since the glass is blown by hand,“ says Erik Olovsson.
This is where glass and stone, for once, have something in common: in the case of marble, granite etc… differentiations occur from block to block.

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Studio E.O is a Stockholm based design studio. It was founded 2013 by Erik Olovsson and works within the fields of product, furniture, and graphic design. Studio E.O has a focus on methods and creating systems when designing.

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The studio aims at having an intuitive and experimental starting point in the projects and works in a mix of self-initiated projects and commissions. Studio E.O strives to stay out of comfort zones and encourages work in various fields and techniques.


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