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The Red Wall Architecture * Ricardo Bofill


muralla-roja-architecture  The Red Wall Architecture * Ricardo Bofill muralla roja architecture


In 1973, the Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill built La Muralla Roja (The Red Wall in Spanish) in Calpe, Alicante, Spain. The building was deeply inspired by North African architecture known as the Casbah. Discover the 50 apartments complex with intermingling stairs, bridges and colorful platforms.

Within the context of La Manzanera, La Muralla Roja (The Red Wall) asks to be considered as a case apart. It embodies a clear reference to the popular architecture of the Arab Mediterranean, in particular to the adobe towers of North Africa. The Red Wall is like a fortress which marks a vertical silhouette following the contour lines of the rocky cliff.

The Red Wall Architecture * Ricardo Bofill muralla roja architecture 2 600x598 copy


With this building the Taller de Arquitectura wanted to break the post-Renaissance division between public and private spaces reinterpretating the Mediterranean tradition of the casbah

The labyrinth of this recreated casbah corresponds to a precise geometric plan based on the typology of the Greek cross with arms 5 meters long, these being grouped in different ways, with service towers (kitchens and bathrooms) at their point of intersection. The geometric basis of the layout is also an approximation to the theories of constructivism, and makes La Muralla Roja a very clear evocation of these.

The Red Wall Architecture * Ricardo Bofill muralla roja architecture 8 600x600 copy

The forms of the building, evoking a constructivist aesthetic, create an ensemble of interconnected patios which provide access to the 50 apartments, which include 60 sqm studios, and two- and three-bedroom apartments of 80 and 120 sqm, respectively. On the roof terraces there are solariums, a swimming pool, and a sauna for resident’s use.

The criterion of applying to the building a gamut of various colours responds to the intention to give a determined relief to the distinct architectural elements, according to their structural functions.


The Red Wall Architecture * Ricardo Bofill muralla roja architecture 10

The outside surfaces are painted in various tones of red, to accentuate the contrast with the landscape; patios an stairs, however, area treated with blue tones, such as sky-blue, indigo, violet, to produce a stronger or weaker contrast with the sky or, on the contrary, an optical effect of blending in with it. The intensity of the colours is also related to the light and shows how the combination of these elements can help create a greater illusion of space.





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