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The stunning side of Maraco Restaurant

The stunning Maraco Restaurant in Tel Aviv combines an urban feel with an intimate atmosphere. Maraco is a seafood restaurant located in Jaffa’s Flee market in Tel Aviv. Thanks to its proximity to Jaffa’s Port, the restaurant serves fresh fish and seafood dishes, which combine motifs and charms from different world kitchens with an emphasis on the Mediterranean, South American and Asian cuisine, that’s it what makes the place so stunning.

Maraco restaurant

Mirrors Boca do Lobo Maraco restaurant

The interior was completed by two young Israeli designers, Naomi Szwec and Noa Ben Yehuda. In the restaurant, you have several seating area options, an open kitchen-bar and a modular seating on three levels. All pull it together combines a layout with an urban vibe with an intimate seating niche.

Maraco restaurant Maraco restaurant

On the structure of the place you have industrial materials that include concrete, birch wood, rebar, meet splashes of colors like red, turquoise and pink, softening the hard lines and matter. So what do think about the place?


Maraco restaurant

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