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Van Lieshout * Bar Rectum

This is not just one more bar. This is a bar inspired in the shape of human digestive system, as its suggestive name allow us to understand. Bar Rectum, or asshole Bar, or Anus Bar, whatever is the language, you will universaly see the why of the name.



It starts with the tongue, continuing all the way down to the anus – the exit door – as well as the exit door of human beings. The intestine was sized up, so the bar can hold as many drinking customers as possible. The anus is a part of a large door that doubles as an emergency exit.





Atelier Van Lieshout designed this piece of art bar in 2005 where the studio managed to bring the surreal internal organ aesthetic into gear with practical functional design in the form of a demountable, mobile bar shaped like a giant rectum. Such manifestations add to the counter-cultural image of AVL and they have become much more than simply a furniture factory.



The inhabitable sculptures of the Dutch artists’ collective, founded 1995 by Joep van Lieshout, analyze the function and esthetics of art in public space.




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2013 designs of the year

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