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Very Very Gold * Interview 1 portrait by nandi nobell


Very Very Gold is a Stockholm based creative studio that breaks down, refines and reassembles . It is founded in 2012, by the artists Farvash Razavi, who declares having background in Chemistry and Experience Design and the designer Michel Bussien, with a background in interior architecture and furniture design. Everything they do revolves around reconstruction – reconstruction of themselves, the materials and the different projects. They strive for the creation of unique and alternative universe where they can erase the boundaries between material and life, and artificial and native.


 See our interview with subtitles



Very Very Gold * Interview 2 deep deep chair violent violent table


Very Very Gold * Interview 6 violent violent table veryverygold31


Very Very Gold * Interview 7 deep deep chair veryverygold61


Through their material research, collaborations with scientists, development, curiosity and adventurous spirit they want to expand their consciousness. For them it’s really important the materiality, pushed by the materials and finding new materials. “It’s all about putting an array of disparate techniques and uniting them as one – combine different worlds and make them speak the same language”, they say.


Very Very Gold * Interview 4 very very gold


Very Very Gold * Interview 3 hungry hungry lamp1


The working process is primal the absolute invest in the beginning of a project. They always try to find out everything there is to know about it and then thoroughly analyses it. After that they break it down, rebuild it and finally reconstruct it. Very Very Gold reach satisfying results, constantly forced to develop new techniques, tools and materials.


Very Very Gold * Interview 5 shy shy table1


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Very Very Gold * Interview pinit fg en rect red 28

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The Machine * C-mine 2 machine creative factory 1 360x195

The Machine * C-mine

Bjørn Blikstad * Imueble 1 Bj  rn J  rund Blikstad1 360x195

Bjørn Blikstad * Imueble

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