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Willy Verginer * Amazing Figurative Wood Sculptures

Work from the artist Willy Verginer. His figurative sculpture are carved from solid pieces of wood and then added some elements or colors, usually using acrylic colors. The detail of this sculptures is amazing and the way he plays with this “fantastic” world can be both joy full as weird. The way we plays with the three dimensionality of his art is something captivating, taking advantage of points of view and imaginary plans where something starts and ends somewhere else, you sometimes need to be at the right place to understand the piece. He as been featured in several galleries and and his name starts to be an international reference in the world of arts.




Check out the video bellow where you can see the artist explanations of his work and more carefully is studio. We can see a lot of studies of the human body and concepts for is work in is studio. The way he starts with small scales to the final works is something to praise for, and the details in the small versions is just something  unbelievable.






See more LIMITED EDITION pieces and TRENDS.

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