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Wood Table Lamp*Seletti by Alessandro Zambelli

Woodspot table lamp for Seletti by Alessandro Zambeli

Designed for Seletti by Alessandro Zambelli, Woodspot is a wooden table lamp with one unusual profile. At first glance I thought it resembled a shoe that Lady Gaga might wear, but it’s actually a lamp inspired by Magritte’s “The Empire of Light”, a piece that’s all about light and its power.


Alessandro Zambelli lives and works in Mantua, Italy. He studied industrial design and materials engineering at the Cova School of Design in Milan, and his career took off at bathroom designer Agape in 2000. A few years later, in 2003, he founded Alessandro Zambelli Design Studio.
In 2006 he worked on the Estetico Quotidiano project, marking the start of his co-operation with the design house of Seletti. Zambelli’s Palace Collection and School Joke Chair followed (for the same client) and won a European Consumers Choice award (2011) and an NYIGF award (2012).

Woodspot table lamp for Seletti by Alessandro Zambeli



During this period, he forged working relations with many other firms in the sector: furniture designer Caimi Brevetti, home accessory and clock manufacturer Diamantini & Domeniconi, Disaronno, Italian new technology designer .exnovo, leather goods designer Rudi Rabitti, home furnishing designer Skitsch and crystal ware manufacturer Swarovski.
Zambelli is a co-founder of Padiglione Italia, a designers’ collective which seeks to present the specifics of the Italian design scene. Zambelli has exhibited at the Beijing Design Week, Invito a Tavola (New York), the Tokyo Tableware Festival and F.O.O.D. (Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC) and other international design fairs.
He never sees his work purely as an exercise in style. He believes an inner soul must enliven every object.


Woodspot table lamp for Seletti by Alessandro Zambeli


Woodspot table lamp for Seletti by Alessandro Zambeli


Seletti is a story of vision and evolution. Established in 1964, in Cicognara, Mantova by Romano Seletti, who since 1972 travelled extensively to the Far East, especially around China with Luigi Goglio, who was an expert in international business. This new venture allowed Romano to become a true pioneer in the importation of products for the home- objects in bamboo, tableware and cloths – typical Chinese products for the era.


he dynamic eighties were a time of growth and the channels of distribution underwent drastic changes and the next generation of the Seletti family (Stefano and Miria) brought new energy to the business.Stefano Seletti, aged 17 and still a student, started to accompany his father on his business trips to China, India and Thailand, which opened up to him new horizons and cultures that would make a lasting impression on his future professional and personal life.


“Today, Seletti is working with young Italian and international designers, who are quickly making their own mark, the desire is to create a group that can grow and evolve together, a challenge, that, so far, is producing great results.”I am also working with people outside of the design world, artists, visionaries with whom I would like to break down some barriers. My unconventional non-academic education naturally leads me to “crossover”, a journey towards the idea of a “new beauty”. For us, this is (r)evolution.”


Woodspot table lamp for Seletti by Alessandro Zambeli

Woodspot table lamp for Seletti by Alessandro Zambeli


The lamp stays in place with the help of the A-frame like design that keeps it balanced between its base and the shade. The lampshade has one edge that rests on the ground thanks to the way the angular shade is cut, leaving space for the beam of light to escape.

Each lamp is assembled and varnished by hand.


Woodspot table lamp for Seletti by Alessandro Zambeli




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