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A creative soul turning vintage furniture into storytelling pieces

yinka ilori, is a unique creative soulYinka Ilori, is a unique creative soul, a London based designer, who turns vintage furniture into storytelling pieces. His work inspired by the traditional Nigerian parables and African fabrics that surrounded him as a child. His work is full of humor, is provocative and fun, each piece of furniture he creates tells a unique and special story. Bringing Nigerian traditions, patterns and colours and turn them into playful conversations with contemporary design.

vintage furniture

His furniture takes on new meanings depending on how it is used or positioned. Ilori is a unique creative soul interested in playing with the relationship between function and form and his work, blending past and present, sits between traditional divisions of art and design.

vintage furniture

“For me it was important to tell new narratives in my way, and not in a way that’s been diluted or retold by someone else.”Yinka Ilori

yinka ilori, is a unique creative soul

His process always begins with the same method, with key words, that then he free associates into colors.

“So if I look at ‘hierarchy,’ I look at colors that reflect or shout out status – I look at gold, or yellow, because those remind me of going to a party in Nigeria and looking at people who live expensive lifestyles,” Yinka says.

And even tough selecting the color palette is one of Yinka’s favorite parts of his process, he’s happiest moments is when searching the streets on the hunt for interesting unique vintage chairs.

vintage furniture

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